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7 Springtime Favourites

We all love warmer weather, level 2 and the smell of jasmine in the air- but those aren't the only things to be loving this month...Here are a few of my current favourites

1. Natures Choice Kombucha

This is honestly the most delicious drink EVER!!! You guys have to try it. It's the perfect summer refresher, it also goes pretty well with vodka or gin. Thank me later

2. My Sanctuary

Our sunroom or as I like to call it -My Sanctuary is my favourite place in the house. I am forever adding plants, macrame hangers, tapestries, candles, cushions and basically anything else I find that I think will fit the space. Here are some of my recently added treasures:

- The Sunflower tapestry- this is from one of my favourite online Vintage accounts - HOOP VINTAGE

- The macrame shelf, macrame hangers and cement plant pots - all from RARE FLARE ATTIC

See links above to shop these brands.

3. TaEve Africa

I recently shot for TaEve Africa- and I kid you not when I say I LOVED EVERY SINGLE ITEM from the range. Tayla the founder and owner has curated these beautiful pieces all from sustainable materials.

Their online store will be live soon, but for now, keep an eye on the instagram page for more details.

More images coming soon to Gypsy Dreams Fashion portfolio.

4. Be Bright

My day starts with a Be Bright collagen coffee. I don't go a day without it. You don't taste it but wow does it have so many wonderful benefits. I have noticed how my hair has gotten a beautiful shine and it's growing so much faster, my nails are stronger AND my skin doesn't seem so dry. I suffer from very dry skin and since taking it I feel that my skin feels more hydrated.

Side Note: Be Bright have just launched their Açaí Powder- IT IS AMAZING!!! I have been having it in my yogurt everyday for about a week now and its so delicious, not to mention all the other amazing benefits.

(Image taken from Be Bright website.)

5. Encouraging Eco

Founded and owned by Sue, she is honestly one of the loveliest ladies. She is so passionate about her brand, saving the world and just being a good person. I love the Encouraging Eco products so much and I have incorporated a bunch of them into my daily life.

Click on the below links to shop some of the items that I use daily:

For more Encouraging Eco products check out their website

or click here to follow them on Instagram

6. Peaches Swimwear

You know what they say- suns out, bums out!!! All their stuff is amazing but my ultimate is their g-string style bikini bottom. Its comfy, flattering and allows for more tan skin- YESSSS please! I mean, who doesn't want a tanned peach?

Check out their website for their full range.

More images coming soon to the Gypsy Dreams Swimwear portfolio.

7. Journaling

I have always loved journaling, but it was something I never ever seemed to have enough time for- so I would only do it every now and then. When we went into lockdown, I finally had time to journal- it was wonderful, so much to write about, so much to unpack and learn and grow from. It was great. However- as life started to become normal again, the journaling took a back seat, I once again *'didn't have the time to journal'. After a little while of normality and no journaling I realised that something was missing, my mind wasn't as clear and my anxiety was becoming a little bit unmanageable again. I then introduced journalling into my morning routine rather than my evening one- and my goodness what a great change. I journal about anything and everything- there is always something to write about- even on the busy days! I have seen the positive results that journaling has had on my life so I encouraged my husband- Guy, to journal too- at first he was like "no thank you"- but then I was introduced to the HERO journal, which I then introduced him to and now we are morning journal-ers. The HERO journal is incredible, it gives you daily journalling prompts and has so many other cool pages such as 'Podcast to listen to', 'Books to read' and a couple of other cool pages. Think about having one book with all your thoughts, dreams, goals and inspirations- I know-right, well then this is what you need!! To be honest I don't have the HERO journal for myself yet, I just got it for Guy to encouraging him to journal, I'm still using the good-ole blank page type journal, BUT I actually plan on placing my order today for my very own HERO journal. I literally have had heart eyes for it since the day it arrived for Guy. Nothing better than having a clear mindset for the day ahead.

*'I didn't have the time to journal' - Remember we ALL have time to journal. If you have time for your cellphone and social media then you have time to journal. Journalling is good for your mindset, heartset, soulset, healthset.

Much love + light


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1 Comment

Sep 02, 2020

Ashlee, thank you so much for including Encouraging Eco on your list of favourite things. You are the kindest, nicest person as well as being a TOP photographer! Much appreciation! 🤗🌻🌱

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