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and so this journey unravels

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Every decision I have ever made, every image I have ever shot and every chance that I have ever taken, has brought me to where I am now

I have always wanted to do photography full time, but I was never really sure if I was

1. good enough and

2. brave enough.

Anyhoo, at the end of last year, I quit my job and found a tiny bit of bravery and courage from within (and with the encouragement from Guy), to follow my dreams. And NO, I do not mean - I quit my job, became a successful photographer overnight and now I am living out my dream. It's not quite like that. I am currently juggling 2 other jobs along with trying to make this photography dream real. Yes its stressful at times, yes I have become a slight social recluse and yes some days I'm not sure whether I am coming or going. But, you know what....I AM HAPPY, I AM EXCITED & I AM INSPIRED!!!

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