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rainy sundays

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

The weather yesterday was super gloomy. And yes, while I do love summer I also reeeeealllly enjoy a 'good ol' snuggle on the couch and drink hot chocolate' kinda day. So taking full advantage of gloomy weather on a Sunday- my fiancé and I lazed around in bed, drank a few more cups of coffee than we should have and even convinced the cat to lie in and cuddle until late morning. Our hungry rumbling stomaches is what finally got us 'up and at em'. Guy got up and attended to some work whilst I whipped us up a delicious 'eggie-bakie' breakfast. The rest of the afternoon was spent wrapped under blankets, eating junk food, watching movies all while doing a little bit of work. Yes while all the greatness of gloomy Sundays, late wake ups and big fry ups, I worked on my website. Yes, this one, the one you are on now, the one you are reading (well most probably only my mom is reading). Gypsy Dreams aka my baby, finally has its own website. I couldn't be more proud or excited. There are still a few tweaks, changes and uploads to be done, but ITS UP. ITS RUNNING. AND YOU ARE READING THIS. This is only the beginning.

I believe that everything in life should grow, we should constantly keep growing and evolving and thats what I believe for my website and my work, this website will grow and evolve, my work will grow and evolve and I too will grow and evolve.

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